Springtime Planting Week: Planting- 4 Steps



Now it’s time to do the fun (and hard!) part! 


  1. Begin by planning ahead! Lay out plants and determine planting areas clearly before you start digging. People use string, marking spray paint, the actual plants, and a combination of other methods to get a good idea about the results before sticking the spade in the ground. In most cases, installing hardscaping such as rocks/boulders, edging, seating, fountains and other features FIRST is your best bet, but not always.
  2.  Dig holes that are larger than you think they need to be to allow for backfill. Put the dirt that you dig out into a wheelbarrow or bucket. Mix this dirt with the soil amendments (⅓ peat moss, ⅓ composted manure, ⅓ soil) so you can fill in around the plants. Remove the plants from pots by loosening the base and gently moving the pot off. Do not yank the foliage (many times you’ll break it off!) Pour some of the mixed backfill into the hole, and place the plant in it. Continue to fill the hole in. Do not create a mound of dirt around the plant. It should be level with the ground so that water can sink in. For shrubs and trees, creating a moat with dirt will enhance the ability for the plant to take up water.
  3. Apply mulch. Spread mulch around the bed, focusing on the plant bases, and do not cover any leaves. Usually 2-3 inches deep is desirable. Mulch helps retain moisture and deters weeds, but it’s not absolutely necessary.
  4. Water deeply. Water more than you think you need to. Return to plants and water them again. Be careful to use a watering wand or hose-end sprayer to give plants a “rain shower,” and not a “power wash.”


Enjoy! Now’s the time to appreciate your hard work. Does it look less impressive than you thought? Not to worry! Plants perk up with proper watering, and they will grow many times their original size over the summer. Trust your vision, and remember that all of your new friends will need your care going forward.

Looking for some inspiration? https://www.provenwinners.com/gardening-ideas

Have you planted your garden already or plan to? Share your favorite plants.

Tomorrow, we’ll go over how to care for your landscaping, because, like your home, it will need maintenance to stay beautiful.



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