For Lenders

I foster my relationships with lenders by providing responsive customer service and quick turnaround for various inspections.

Lenders need a Certified Professional Inspector® for several reasons, but primarily to ensure that the property being mortgaged meets certain standards and is worth the amount being loaned. I am experienced in providing a wide variety of inspections for lenders to learn more about the home’s condition, including but not limited to NADL, USDA, HUD, FHA, and VA. I also partner with multiple structural engineering firms to provide Permanent Foundation and Additions Certifications. I schedule these quickly and offer affordable pricing.
Lenders should not overlook their role as advisor in encouraging New Construction loan applicants to schedule inspections as their home building journey progresses. You can learn more about New Construction inspections here.

Always Learning So I Can Serve You Better

At Baker Property Inspections, my unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service is matched by my extensive knowledge, expertise, and use of cutting-edge tools, all aimed at ensuring that you have the best possible inspection experience.