Residential Inspection Services

  • Home Inspections

    We offer Home Inspections and Pre-Listing Home Inspections for buyers and sellers to identify areas in need of maintenance or repair. After completing the inspection, Jason will review his findings with you, and deliver an electronic, in-depth report that’s easy to understand, with clear descriptions and photographs. Jason inspects multi-family units, outbuildings, condominiums, as well as mobile and manufactured homes. He will meet you where you’re at with home ownership and give you all the information you need to go into the buying or selling process confidently.

  • 11th Month Warranty Inspections

    Don't let your home warranty expire without having a thorough inspection done. We will help you identify issues that should be remedied by the builder.

  • Lake House Inspections

    Lake homes have unique features that require an experienced CPI. Lake houses often have private water systems, feature additional and/or custom windows, may have been built to older standards, and sometimes feature unique construction practices. Inspection of decks, foundations, and drainage are all especially important aspects of a lake home inspection.

  • Walkthrough Consultations

    Don't skip the inspection, you brave buyer! Schedule a walkthrough consultation to gain insight from an experienced professional. Follow up with a discounted full inspection for a deeper investigation.

  • Luxury Home Inspections

    Luxury home inspections require inspectors to be familiar with inspecting multiple systems with unique control devices, higher quality and more expensive materials, and unique architectural features. With a luxury inspection, the report will feature additional attention to cosmetic detail and include inspection of the various appurtenances.

    Luxury homes often feature outdoor cooking areas, multiple fireplaces, multiple HVAC units, and unique site features such as decks, pools, and exterior lighting, which can all be inspected.

  • Aerial Photography

    We offer aerial photography for MLS listings and events. Fast turnaround. Please inquire.

Ancillary Services

Hidden toxins and damaging organisms can go unseen by homeowners, at times to the point of disastrous consequences. Get the full scope with important ancillary services, including radon testing, wood destroying insect inspections, and private well and water testing.

Radon Testing

Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive, and carcinogenic (cancer-causing) gas. There is no way to detect immediate exposure to radon without the proper equipment, and exposure can lead to lung cancer. Southern Michigan has an especially high incidence of radon compared with the rest of the state. Protect yourself and your loved ones by ordering a radon test. Unlike many others who use rudimentary “hardware store” charcoal tests, we use a high tech continuous monitoring device, which takes samples every hour following EPA guidelines to allow for an accurate picture of the current levels of radon in the home.

Private Well Testing

Potable water systems are an essential part of any home, and the need for a new well is an unwelcome surprise expense for many homeowners. A thorough inspection of well components and function can help alleviate worries or identify damage so that repairs can be made.

Water Testing

Often unknown to homeowners, bacteria and nitrates can contaminate water systems. Local health departments recommend annual testing for these contaminants to ensure safe, potable water is flowing into your home. Additional testing for specific contaminants can also be done. This test is often required for home sales.

Wood Destroying Organism Inspections

Wood destroying organisms can literally take the house right out from under you. A thorough inspection for termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, powderpost beetles, boring beetles, as well as microbial growth such as brown rot, will ensure that hidden dangers to your home’s structural integrity don’t progress unnoticed.

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