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Protect Your Investment with Summer Home Maintenance

In order to keep your home in good condition, regular maintenance must be done. Summer is a great time to address many tasks that would be harder in winter months, especially in Michigan. Many chores can be completed by the average homeowner, such as changing out HVAC filters, cleaning out gutters and downspouts and making sure downspouts are in place, testing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and replacing batteries when needed, painting any exterior surfaces that are peeling, checking fire extinguishers and replacing when necessary, testing GFCI outlets, oiling garage door tracks, visually inspecting your roof from the ground (it’s often useful to use the zoom on your camera), draining and flushing your water heater and checking for leaks, and cleaning out dryer vents. Other tasks can be addressed more easily by professionals, such as power washing, HVAC tune ups, chimney and fireplace maintenance, and other issues specific to certain homes.

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